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Nuggets & Podcast

The “Real Talk With The Rev” brand features Two series of podcasts. Both Podcasts provide various topics to not only keep you laughing but also inspire you. Find out more below...

  • Real Talk with the Rev & Cait
  • Nuggets with the Rev


Louis T. Wheeler Jr. a.k.a. "The Rev" has served in ordained parish ministry for 25 years in Maryland and Washington D.C.He has also officiated many weddings. His many years of experience in ministry give him an excellent background for any of your spiritual advising needs.

Words of Inspiration

As an ordained minister, the Rev has thoughtful words to share with you. Whether you need a push to move forward or new insights, the Rev's words of inspiration are all you need to motivate you through the day.

Nuggets and Podcast

Thought Provoking Words of Inspiration

Although he is Ordained Clergy, he keeps it "real" with his short motivational nuggets. The Rev will post a new nugget biweekly. A nugget  is essentially a short inspirational talk by the Rev on a different topic.

Dynamic Father-Daughter Podcast

Be inspired and laugh a bit (or a lot) as dynamic father-daughter duo the Rev and Cait, in their first episode, introduce the themselves to the audience by revealing 3 facts they both do not know about each other. Learn why the Rev hates haunted houses and what Cait was up to years ago when the Rev was out of town for the weekend.